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08/19/2014 - Highly Likely to recommend 

Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $1.675M in Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA.
  • I never thought that I'd be able to afford an architectural house on a great piece of land but thanks to Darren Winston, I now live in my dream home. Buying a new house is stressful and complicated and Darren is like an expert chess player who knows the many surprises that come up during the process of selling and buying a house (he did both for my wife and I). The end result is that in his hands, you end up exceeding your expectations all whilst receiving great care and attention. 

Firstly, Darren listens. I cannot stress how important this is-- Darren does not take you to view a house telling you what is great about it, he takes you to a house to hear what YOU think about it. He listens carefully and starts to get an idea of what things are important for you. After getting to know my wife and I, he'd take us to view a house that looked great in pictures but before even telling him, he'd start to say why it was not right for us. He was ALWAYS spot on. 

When selling our house, Darren found an excellent photographer, brought flowers and was on site to make sure the composition of each photograph was perfect. He sold our house within 3 days of being on the market-- above our asking price. Going through escrow had its challenges but Darren was always on top of each curve ball from banks, inspectors or the buyer and what could have ended in tears was handled with aplomb by Darren. He's one cool negotiator. 

When we found our new house, my heart began to soar because I could hardly believe that my wife and I could possibly live in our dream house. But finding your dream house and owning your dream house are a world apart. Suffice to say that Darren remained calm throughout the whole process and always guided us in the right direction. The chances of us getting that house under normal circumstance were small but Darren bridged that gap and became the captain of our team and through team work, we bought our dream house. 

It should be said that during the months we spent together, Darren would show up to morning meetings with coffee, croissants and a smile. He learned we liked wine and came to an evening meeting with a lovely bottle. When he found out that my wife was pregnant, he bought us great gifts (which we still use). If I'm painting an overly adoring picture of Darren, I apologize for coming on so strong but I honestly loved having him as our real estate agent and in fact would recommend him to ANYONE... no matter what budget, architectural taste, temperament, etc. Darren is that good.

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5/13/2014: 5 Star Review


Darren is awesome! He was so kind and friendly. He didn't feel like just my realtor. He's honest and straight up with everything. He cares about his clients, not once did I feel like he was in it for the money. I was super picky and changed my mind multiple times and he was never impatient. He understood how important the whole process was for me. One of the most important things for me was that he was always available- email, text, phone calls AND in person. He has crazy knowledge of LA. You won't regret using him as your realtor and you'll make a new friend!

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